VTEC Participant Joins MetroNet Project

“I wanted to seek employment and start turning my life around in another direction. I’ve been on the other side of the law, but now I’ve put my priorities in place by changing my ways and attitude.” Jonathon began this journey at Employment Services and was advised to join our P242 program as the best pathway to enter the workforce, because of the focus on connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island jobseekers to guaranteed job opportunities while providing mentoring.

To build up Jonathon’s skillsets his mentor Ben, placed him into an 8-week intensive training course with Carey Training, which upon completion earnt him 15 tickets, including activator, rigging, and crane qualifications. This boost in experience opened more work opportunities for Jonathon. One of the most exciting was the chance to join METRONET’s Thornlie-Cockburn Link project. “I wanted to do full time employment, and working on a project that’s this big is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Jonathon was successful with his application and has been with Newest Alliance working full time since January. This achievement was possible through his commitment to the employment program. Having worked with Ben to apply to suitable opportunities and then earning the right qualifications through Carey, Jonathon succeeded in his goal of finding full time employment. Over the next 26 weeks he will continue to be supported by Ben through our post-placement mentoring.

P242 is kindly supported by Shell


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