David Fleay Finds his Dream Job

How many people love their job so much that they arrive 30 minutes early every day? Well David does. Since David started work experience with Veolia he has enjoyed learning new skills and working with a supportive team.

David’s journey with the Wirrpanda Foundation started through the ReSet Reintegration Program which works to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for life after prison. Our team engage with clients daily, mapping out individual pathway plans and identifying their strengths and training needs in order to find sustainable employment opportunities.

Once back in the community, David was guided by his mentor to attend the Fit 4 Work sessions on Thursday mornings at the Foundation. This is run as part of our Plan 2Day 4 2morrow which empowers job seekers like David to improve their employability and work readiness. 

David had no idea his dream job was waiting for him when he began his Certificate II in Business Administration at the Wirrpanda Foundation ran by Carey Training. Through this program and the support of the Foundation’s Employment team he was placed with Veolia for work experience.

When David reflected on this he said “I hadn’t done anything like this before. I used to be a plasterer where it was the same task day in day out but now working with Veolia there is so much more variety and you get to venture out and see a bunch of new things.”


David’s workplace mentor at Veolia, Anja Bonnard said David has been an inspirational worker.

“From day one David embraced every task that was given to him. As I know his backstory, I am so proud of the courage and passion he has for changing his path and for working hard to secure a position here at Veolia,” she said.

David has impressed the team at Veolia so much that he has been offered a traineeship as a Diesel Mechanic.

“David’s work ethics grows each day. He comes in early every day, networks well with colleagues and embraces our culture. David experienced all tasks relating to administration support and did really well, however he found his happy place in the workshop being hands on working on the trucks.”

This is more than just a job for David.

“This job means security, a change of life, more experience and hopefully I can save up and one day buy a house,” David said.

To find out more about the programs that work to empower David and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers visit the Employment section on our website.

For more information visit the Plan 2Day 4 2morrow page.