Successful Indigenous female-owned company

Indigenous Female-Owned Company is Awarded a Contract with Energy Company

An historical award for a female-owned Indigenous company after it was awarded a contract with Shell Australia (Shell).

Bunbara Group, led by Managing Director Nikky Barney-Irvine, a proud Woppaburra woman from Keppel Island Queensland, signed a procure and supply contract with Shell, marking a major achievement in their business journey.

Bunbara supplies gaskets, stud bolts and pipe, fittings, flanges and valves in all material grades to the mining resources and energy sectors.

“It is truly amazing for a leading energy company like Shell to consider working with a 100 per cent Aboriginal and female-owned company,” Nikky said.

“We are thrilled because our hard work has paid off. It was scary, exciting and unbelievable all at the same time.”

Bunbara Group was supported by the Waalitj Foundation’s Waalitj Hub business advisory service, which provides in-house mentoring, networking opportunities and state of the art office facilities for Indigenous Businesses in Western Australia.

Waalitj Hub’s General Manager Shane Devitt said the contract between Bunbara Group and Shell was great news.

“This is a promising sign for the over 250 Indigenous businesses currently serviced by the Waalitj Hub,” Mr Devitt said.

“It certainly is a good sign for a prosperous and hopeful future for Indigenous business owners.”

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