Strong Business Built on a Motivated Mindset

“I think without the Waalitj Hub we would be a year behind,” said Blake Hayward, a determined Goreng Noongar Man and Waalitj Hub client.

With 16 years of industry experience and support from the Waalitj Hub, Blake has been able to make a strong start to his business journey.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, Blake and his business partner decided to take the leap and start their own business called Alumuna Building Maintenance Services. This was a huge decision for Blake but like a lot people, the pandemic gave him a new perspective on his personal and professional goals.

Now 18 months in, Blake reflects on what has helped them grow their business to where it is today. The Waalitj Hub is seen to have played an important role in this journey, maintaining its mission of empowering Indigenous people to start, grow and sustain their businesses.

“The Waalitj Hub has helped us a lot in setting up the business and finding more direction in what we can accomplish,” said Blake.

Waalitj Hub Business Coach Les O’Neill commented that Blake and his business partner are motivated and hardworking individuals who are branching out after many years in the industry.

“It has been a privilege to support them to grow their business through the expertise we offer at the Hub as well as sourcing independent professional services.”

“They are going great guns, forming partnerships with other Indigenous businesses and expanding their capabilities,” said Les.

As part of the Waalitj Hub, clients have access to mentoring from our in-house business coaches and independent professional services including tendering and contract execution, marketing, governance, and legal support. Amongst other areas, that ensure clients like Blake have the best foundations possible for a sustainable business.

Blake also recently attended the Waalitj Hub Regional Pop Up Hub in Kwinana proudly supported by the Alcoa Foundation. This enabled him to network with industry leaders and Indigenous businesses, as well as hear  about local tendering processes and opportunities.

“The Pop Up events are a great space for us to network with potential clients and seek out bigger and better opportunities,” said Blake.

Blake and his team have set out to achieve some impressive business goals but with a measured plan and the support of their business coach Les, they are sure to reach these goals and continue to build even further.

When asked his advice for other Indigenous people looking to start a business, Blake said “Start today, not tomorrow”

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