Above and Beyond Youth Employment Support

“My goal is to find a role that I not only enjoy but that also leads to a sustainable career pathway,” said Patric.

With the support of his mentor Alicia Jetta, Patric has been working towards completing his Diploma of Engineering: Technical at South Metropolitan TAFE.

While studying he is also working as a Bunnings team member, creating a great balance between working and study.

Patric said that he has had a great experience gaining support and guidance from the Waalitj Foundation.

“My advice for other jobseekers is to come to the Foundation for support sooner rather than later.

“As Indigenous mentors they have a good understanding of our background, culture and challenges that we may face. They understand that sometimes you may not feel comfortable in certain situations.”

Creating a welcoming environment for Indigenous jobseekers is a key focus of the Waalitj Foundation. Forming a space where people can express their goals and aspirations.

“They go above and beyond to find out what you are interested in and passionate about.”

“The Waalitj Foundation mentors don’t just place you in a role because its available, instead they find the right role for you,” said Patric

Over several months’ participants form strong bonds with their mentors, building the capacity and capabilities needed to achieve sustainable and meaningful employment.

“The Mentors check up on your mental and physical wellbeing, they don’t just worry about getting you into a job.”

“My goal is to grow my independence and maybe move out of home one day. I have three younger siblings, so I want to set a good example for them,” said Patric.


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