Sharing Culture and Country Through Art

Karthi Muir is a young emerging artist whose work has included several significant fine artworks, public art murals, and design projects.

As a proud Wongai Wongatha man from Leonora, Karthi aims to share his culture and Country through visual mediums. His business, Sacred Senses, is inspired by his family’s strong arts background, and the stories passed down to him from his grandmother.  

Karthi approached the Waalitj Hub for support to better understand how he could evaluate his pricing structure in order earn a full time living from his art. Karthi was also keen to ensure his Intellectual Property (IP) was protected through his contracts with clients.

Karthi said the support he has received from the Hub has been empowering.

“The Hub has helped me achieve my goals beyond what I would have been able to do on my own,” said Karthi.

“My mentor Rob has given me great advice. He’s an artist himself, so it was fantastic to work with someone who has experience in that area.

“The positive feedback I get from him on the work I’ve done is motivating and drives me to keep going,” he said.

With support from his Hub Business Coach Rob Barton, Karthi was guided to rework his business model, value proposition, positioning and offers to increase pricing with no decrease in demand.

“Karthi is an amazing artist with tremendous talent and growth potential,” said Rob.

“Through the Waalitj Hub, we are working to complement Karthi’s talent with a sound business model and commercial support to grow his art practice into a sustainable and financially rewarding career.”

With support from a Hub legal services provider, Karthi’s model contracts and service agreements were updated to include clauses on IP and a requirement to follow the Resale Royalty Scheme.

Karthi is in his third year of a mechanical fitting apprenticeship and plans to pursue art full time once completed.

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