Celebrating Strength and Beauty in Culture

First Nations Contemporary Artist, Brenda came to Boorloo (Perth) in 2021 with talent and the dream to run her own business. When she found out about the Waalitj Hub, she knew this was the key to bringing her business to life.

Brenda Mau is a Torres Strait Islander (Waiben), Mandubarra, Kalkadoon, Wuthathi, Ngadjonjii woman, who was born on MaMu country of North Queensland.

When Brenda and her family moved to Boorloo for a year, due to her husband’s work commitments, she saw the opportunity to grow her idea into a viable business.

Now a year on she has an impressive e-commerce website Malu.Bajigal and social media presence where she shares her amazing artwork and uses her platform to highlight other First Nations businesses.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today in my business journey if it wasn’t for the Waalitj Hub,” said Brenda.

“To me art and fashion is magical, I love expressing my individual creativity to share with the community and show that our First Nations culture is beautiful, and our identity is strong,” said Brenda.

Through the Waalitj Hub’s service providers, Brenda was able to get support building her ecommerce website, creating marketing material including a logo and gaining general business coaching on areas such as pricing and material sourcing.

Brenda said the hub allowed her to build industry connections with suppliers, potential customers, and other First Nations businesses.

“The Waalitj Hub enabled me to work in a supportive environment surrounded by other First Nations business owners.”

“It was encouraging knowing that other business owners were facing similar challenges and milestones to me,” said Brenda.

Brenda’s goal is to continue to grow her business and expand into other avenues including starting a fashion line and collaborating with more First Nations artists.

“My advice for First Nations people looking to start a business is go out and get the help you need to make sure your ideas can grow into a business.”

“Thank you to everyone at the Waalitj Hub and in the Perth business network who helped me throughout my time in WA.”

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