Led by Yued Noongar man Joel O’Driscoll, Bidi Facility Services (Bidi FS) is a nationally accredited Project and Facility Maintenance company. Operating from their head office in Burswood, Bidi FS service primarily the Perth/Peel regions, along with some regional parts of WA.

With ten years of industry experience and support from the Waalitj Hub, Joel has made a solid start to his business journey. Now 18 months in, Joel reflects on how his business coach, Rob Barton, helped him grow his business to where it is today.

“Rob has a wealth of knowledge, and it has been helpful to be able to bounce ideas off him,” said Joel.

“He has assisted us with a business plan and encouraged us to aim high with our goal setting, which has been very motivating,” he said.

Joel recently attended the Waalitj Hub Regional Pop-Up Hub in Mandjoogoordap, proudly supported by the Alcoa Foundation.

“The Pop-Up Hub events have provided me with the opportunity to network with industry leaders and other First Nations businesses,” said Joel.

Joel’s Hub business coach Rob Barton said it has been great working with the Bidi FS team as the business has gone from strength to strength and grown significantly over the last 18 months.

“Joel has steadily steered the business from its initial start to winning work on large construction projects. As Bidi FS has grown, so have the opportunities for smaller First Nations businesses to win work through sub-contracting,” said Rob.

“The Bidi FS story clearly shows the benefits of a clear vision, strong execution and timely support and advice,” he said.

Bidi FS is committed to creating sustainable outcomes for First Nations people with employment, training and supply chain opportunities and prioritises utilising First Nations businesses as much as possible. With this focus, Bidi FS aims to transform Australia’s building, construction, and facility services industry.

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