Boosting School Engagement in Onslow

Students and families of the Onslow and Bindi Bindi Community have seen the wide-spread benefits of the Waalitj Foundation Onslow Family Support Program.

Local First Nations mentors deliver the program in a culturally safe and contextually relevant way, providing support for children and their families to overcome barriers to school attendance. Whether it’s individual mentoring for parents or running a school pick-up and drop off service, the mentors are always trialling new methods to engage students.

This program is proudly supported by BHP and the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), these long-standing partnerships ensure mentors are equipped with the tools and connections needed to assist over 16 local families.

Waalitj Foundation Onslow Family Support Coordinator, Suzanne Wilson said that this program is important to the Onslow community as it provides consistent support, empowering students to thrive.

“Building trust with the families has allowed us to form strong relationships where we can have a consistent positive impact in students’ lives.”

“I hope to see this program continue to grow and provide consistent and meaningful support for the families and students of Onslow,” said Ms Wilson.

Waalitj Foundation General Manager of Education, Josie Janz-Dawson said mentors are trusted members of the Onslow community who are instrumental in improving school attendance and creating positive community engagement.

“This program supports the development of the next generation of strong and resilient First Nations students, who we hope to become leaders in the Onslow community,” said Ms Janz-Dawson.

The success of this program was recognised through recently being awarded the Ashburton Community Grants, thanks to Mineral Resources ensuring that we continue to empower and strengthen the Onslow community.

To learn more about the the Onslow Family Support program, click here.

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