Finding the Perfect Role and a new Friendship

Tildy Lovett’s smile lights up a room, combined with her warm personality she is perfectly suited for her new role as Aboriginal Financial Advisor. Her journey to this position had many hurdles and it didn’t always seem like she would find a suitable job, let alone one she is passionate about.

Before coming to the Waalitj Foundation, Tildy tried various avenues to find employment. Hope was almost lost until she came to Fit 4 Work one Thursday morning, hosted at the Waalitj Office in Lathlain, proudly delivered in partnership with Shell Australia. 

“When I came to Fit 4 Work, I thought that it was absolutely awesome,” said Tildy.

Not only did Tildy meet her employment mentor at Fit 4 Work, but she also made a lifelong friend in Sandy Simpson.

“We had an instant connection, and I am always going to look out for Tildy,” said Waalitj Mentor, Sandy.

“As a mentor it has been really rewarding to see Tildy grow and achieve her goals.”

Sandy knew Tildy had skills and experiences that would position her as great employee, it was just about finding a role that was not only sustainable but enjoyable for Tildy as well.

“Sandy was there for me throughout the whole process. It’s not just mentoring, she has helped me develop skills that have assisted me through many challenges in my life,” said Tildy.

With the support and encouragement of Sandy, Tildy interviewed for a role at the Jacaranda Centre in Belmont. At first, she was nervous but after talking with the hiring manager they both agreed she was better suited for a greater role than the one she had originally applied for.

“I didn’t find this job, it felt like the job found me. I am learning so much and finding it so enriching being able to give back to the community,” said Tildy.

Becoming an Aboriginal Financial Advisor was not something Tildy had imagined but it ended up being the perfect fit. She has now been happily working in this role for 12 months, while also completing a TAFE qualification.

“By working at Jacaranda, I have come into a new family of friends and co-workers.”

Tildy has overcome challenges and faced many hurdles and yet she face’s everyday with such positivity, standing proud as an inspirational First Nations woman.

“I just want to keep empowering myself and keep the end goals in sight,” said Tildy.

Reflecting on her journey, Tildy’s advice is “Be passionate and persistent about reaching your goals.”

Congratulations Tildy! Your positivity and dedication are an inspiration to all.

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