Sarah’s Inspiring Success Story

As a proud Wonnarua women from Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Sarah is a devoted mother and full-time employee for Skyline Landscape Services in Perth.

Sarah’s dedication to her role was recently rewarded with an exciting promotion to Contract Manager.

“Everyone that works at Skyline is amazing, I love my role and I would never look back,” said Sarah.

The journey to reaching this successful point in her personal and professional life was supported by the Foundation, particularly her mentor Chantenee.

“I needed some help building my confidence and finding the right job that suited me.”

“Waalitj didn’t just throw any random job at me, they really helped me find the right role,” said Sarah.

Sarah attended the Foundation’s Fit 4 Work sessions in Kwinana which is run as part of the Plan 2day 4 2morrow (P242) program. These sessions proudly supported by the Alcoa Foundation, provide First Nation’s jobseekers with the opportunity to hear about current employment positions and gain work ready skills.

Sarah’s employment mentor Chantenee helped build her confidence and explore potential job opportunities.

“Chantenee is the best, nothing is a problem or too big of an ask for her. She is down to earth, always text back and has been a consistent support for me,” said Sarah.

Waalitj Foundation Employment mentor Chantenee said that she is so proud of Sarah and how far she has come in the last couple of months.

“As her mentor, it is so rewarding to see Sarah succeed and I can only imagine that she will continue to grow and accomplish amazing things,” said Chantenee.

Sarah’s new job has not only benefited her, but it has also created a great new life for her son. Sarah said she is proud to be able to treat her son when they are at the shops and provide a great home for him.

When asked her advice for current jobseekers or people reluctant to seek help from the Foundation, Sarah said “If you feel like you have a wall up, just get rid of it.”

“Waalitj provide you with a constant friendship, in the shape of a mentor that is always checking up on you and showing you a better life.” 

Sarah’s success is a tribute to her hard work and dedication to her role. Congratulations Sarah!

For more information about Fit 4 Work visit the Plan 2Day 4 2morrow page.

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