Workforce Australia Participant Success

When Alan moved to Kalgoorlie, he was looking for a fresh start. With the support of the Waalitj Foundation he is making great progress to reaching his goals.

Through the support of his Waalitj mentor in the Workforce Australia program, Alan has started attending SMYL. This community service has empowered him to develop his digital literacy skills. Alan can now confidently search online for job opportunities; work on his resume and he has even completed a passion project.

As a Noongar man with family ties in Northampton, Alan has been able to research the area and learn more about his family history. This project gave Alan the opportunity to not only practise his computer skills but also learn more about something he is interested in. When speaking about his personal project Alan was proud and confident which was heart-warming for his teacher to see.

Alan attends SMYL 4 days a week demonstrating his commitment to building his skills and ultimately finding employment. With the current goal of completing his Certificate II in Community Services, Alan hopes to use his new found skills to find a role helping other First Nations people.

His dedication to building his employability skills is sure to set him up for success when it comes time to finding the right role. Alan has already made great progress so far and we can’t wait to see what’s next in his employment journey.

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