James Takes on a New Challenge

James, a Wongi man based in Kalgoorlie has formed a new lease on life after engaging the support of the Waalitj Foundation.

Through the Workforce Australia program, James started attending SMYL, a community service that provides participants with the opportunity to build their literacy and numeracy skills.

Having started in the SMYL program in November, James has made an impressive start. He is already near to completing his Certificate II in Community Services and has made great progress developing his literacy skills.

James said that he learns something new every day while in the program.

“I really like learning new things and have already gotten a lot out of the course,” said James.

The Waalitj Foundation mentors deliver the Workforce Australia program in Kalgoorlie with the aim of equipping participants like James with the skills and knowledge to find meaningful employment.

Participants are offered career guidance, job placement and post-placement support, training and any necessary licensing or identification. This holistic approach ensures each individual is set up for success when entering employment.

For James, engaging with the program meant that he could forge a new career path. After working in the resources sector for many years he was looking to build his skills and find a role he was passionate about. He hopes to work within a community program and give back to people in need, just as he was supported.

To learn more about Workforce Australia, click here. 

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