DSG and Waalitj Boys At Sculptures by the Sea 

Last week, Sculptures by the Sea welcomed our Waalitj Boys and Deadly Sista Girlz from Clontarf College to tour their showcase of incredible sculptures and artworks at Cottesloe Beach.

Students were split into three groups, each led by one of this year’s artists, to receive an in-depth tour of the featured artwork. Not only did the students gain a deeper understanding of art, but our mentors also participated in the event, learning along the way! 

The first group was led by Sharyn Egan, a Nyoongar artist specialising in painting, sculpting and weaving. Her work has been featured in collections at the National Museum of Australia and the Berndt Museum of Anthropology, as well as artworks created for the Perth International Arts Festival.  

Students participated in a weaving workshop where Sharyn taught them contemporary weaving techniques with hay, metal wire, and cotton wool. The pieces made in this workshop added to Sharyn’s progressive sculpture, Balga, which has been growing throughout the duration of the exhibition into a field of Balga trees sprouting the traditional woven fronds. This interactive program celebrates traditional weaving techniques through Aboriginal storytelling and art. 

Students were also led by Alessandra Rossi and Jon Denaro to view their sculptures and discuss the techniques used and meaning behind the artwork. Our students enjoyed walking through multiple exhibitions, absorbing themselves in the world of abstract art.  

As part of Deadly Sista Girlz and Waalitj Boys programs, we aim to motivate and empower our young First Nations students through exposing them to successful First Nations role models. Our mentors work to engage, educate and empower First Nations students to make positive choices, providing students with the resources they need to make valuable life choices in areas such as health, education, and work. 

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