Towards the Dreaming Funeral Services

Towards the Dreaming specialise in traditional Aboriginal funeral services. They focus on the importance of designing funeral services that fit the desires of every individual, allowing people and families to design a unique, beautiful service. 

Indigenous businesses, like Towards the Dreaming, have access to a wide range of free services through our Waalitj Hub. Some of these services include office facilities, mentoring from business coaches, industry connections, and independent professional services. Clients can also receive specialised support in key business areas like tendering, marketing, and legal. 

Towards the Dreaming have been supported by the Waalitj Hub’s business advisory service through the in-house mentoring from our business coaches. 

Towards the Dreaming Funeral Director, Sharon Todd, said “When I first came into the Waalitj Hub, we sat down and did an assessment of all the needs I thought I would have. They helped me see the different aspects of business and the different stages that I needed to be, from my business plan to the vision, to the goals and how I thought that it would grow over the course of time, looking at the trends in the wider community.” 

Her Business Coach, Raylene, spoke on Sharon’s success and the importance of the service she is providing to the community. 

“She started her business doing funeral services 2 years ago and it’s growing at a very steady pace, without even promoting herself. It’s a great business for the community, our people are now getting culturally appropriate funeral services and feeling a lot more comfortable, she’s doing a really amazing job.” 

At the heart of the Waalitj Hub is a drive to inspire and empower the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to build competitive, resilient businesses. We look forward to seeing Sharon and Towards the Dreaming continue to grow and achieve their business goals! 

“The dream is to have it right across Western Australia and in every major regional city. That would be absolutely amazing. We need big people with big hearts to come along.” 

The Waalitj Hub supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to start, grow or sustain their businesses through a combination of in-house business coaching and access to professional support and is supported by the National Indigenous Australians Agency and Corporate partners. Find out more.

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