Gavin Achieves 100 Outcomes for Justice

A big congratulations to one of our mentors, Gavin, who has recently celebrated the lodgment of his 100th outcome within our Justice program! 

Gavin works in the Real Support Network (RSN) program, where he delivers holistic prisoner-focused services that support the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners at Acacia Prison. 

The Foundation’s RSN team specialise in the delivery of employment and training services to Aboriginal males aged 18-28 both in a custodial setting and upon their release to the community. 

Staff are based in Acacia Prison, delivering group sessions and working individually with prisoners to improve their employability with throughcare support into the community.  

Waalitj Foundation staff utilise existing employer networks to place clients into sustainable and culturally appropriate employment opportunities. 

Reflecting on his recent milestone accomplishment, Gavin said, “Within the walls of incarceration lies the potential for transformation. As a mentor, I am not just guiding, but igniting hope, resilience, and the power of redemption.” 

Congratulations Gavin, we can’t wait to see you continue your dedicated work, changing the lives of your participants. 

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