BoAb Community Partnerships

Blair Quin, a Gija and Jaru man from the East Kimberly Region of Western Australia, is the founding director of BoAb Community Partnerships (BoAb Co), an Indigenous Technology development company based in Perth, WA. 

BoAb Co Partners works with other businesses and community organisations, designing and developing software solutions to improve outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal people. 

BoAb Co is more than just a technology company, they are architects of change. Their technology, designed by and for Aboriginal people, aims to improve the lives of Indigenous people across Australia. With meaningful data, owned and protected by each community, their technology can provide clear analysis to shape policies, decisions, and strategies for generational progress. 

They develop cloud-based software tools and mobile applications to meet their clients’ requirements, working closely with them to ensure the solution they deliver is fit-for-purpose. 

Blair came to the Waalitj Hub where his business coach, Verity, has supported him through a range of services tailored to his needs. From a targeted marketing plan, to support in working with legal professionals to develop contracts, Blair said the Hub has helped him with much needed services he would not have been able to source otherwise. 

“My experience with the Hub has been amazing, Verity has supported our individual business needs by wanting to understand why we are BoAb Co, not just what we do. Her guidance and support has been beneficial to me, especially as a start up in a niche area.” 

“The BoAb Co site is live and looks amazing, the marketing strategy is developed and ready to launch into and we have the legal side of business delivery done and vetted. It’s made a huge difference, especially the timeframe this has taken to happen.” 

Blair spoke on the importance of services, like the Hub, for Indigenous businesses, saying, “The Waalitj Hub is vital for Indigenous businesses. They can support you through providing the right services in all aspects of business development stages. This can be very daunting for individuals to try navigating and being able to face setbacks knowing there is support available is huge. 

“Knowing that a business coach, like Verity, understands the right services you require and facilitate the service delivery with the right providers just gives you confidence in the outcomes.” 

Looking to the future, Blair’s goal is for BoAb Co to be one of the leading Indigenous Technology Companies in Western Australia. He hopes his software will be utilised by all Aboriginal Corporations, bringing sustained generational change for the Indigenous communities of Australia.  

Blair’s advice to anyone thinking about getting in contact with the Hub is to go for it. 

He said, “The ability to get the right support at the right time is invaluable. Finding a business coach, like Verity, has been immense for BoAb Co and me personally. I know if you seek out support from the Hub you will find the same experience.” 

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