ParentsNext supports parents with young children to identify their education and employment goals and develop a pathway towards future study or work.

ParentsNext assists participants to build confidence, develop skills and access local support services to plan for their future. Our ParentsNext Program is run in partnership with Training Alliance Group and is the provider for Perth North.

Participants currently mentored in the program

Mentoring sessions with participants in the last 12 months

participants currently mentored in the program

mentoring sessions with participants in the last 12 months

Support from ParentsNext may include:

› Help with finding a course or work experience
› Putting participants in touch with other parents
› Help with arranging financial support for childcare and study, and if available, access to wage subsidies
› Help with skills such as writing a resume and job interview practice
› Connections with local services including for domestic and family violence, counselling and emotional support.

Parents and carers may be eligible to participate in ParentsNext if they have received Parenting Payment for the last six months, have not had paid employment for the last six months or care for a child over 6 months and under 6 years of age.

Centrelink will contact parents and carers who need to participate in ParentsNext and connect them to their local provider. 

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