Finding the Right Career Path

“Go all in, give 100% or more. The more you put in, the more you show you want to learn, it opens up doors.”

Kathleen was brought up in family care and has dreamt ever since to go back as a carer, using her own personal experiences to add to the system. However, with the health of her own daughter compromised, as well as re-connecting to family to learn more of her culture as a Noongar woman, “life was stressful and a bit all over the place.”

What ended up giving her direction was her goal to study and get full time work. After joining the ParentsNext program and getting to know Kristen, her mentor, Kathleen felt comfortable enough to discuss her goal of working in family care. “Everyone I come across has been so supportive. I can talk to them about everything,” she said.

Knowing the career direction Kathleen wanted to take, her mentors were able to place her in a Cert. 3 Community Service course, which she completed in 2019. “Getting that was very grounding and gave me purpose. This is it I really want to work towards my future.”

A work placement was required to complete the course, which Kathleen’s mentor was able to arrange for her to complete with Child Protections and Family Support, where she continues to work today. Nerves about starting in the workplace are very common, and Kathleen faced them with the support of her mentors and her own personal drive saying, “Even though work can be daunting it’s always mind over matter. You’ve got to push your anxiety down and get things done.”

Kathleen’s future is looking bright, having begun her employment in the area she most wanted, now her goal is to continue up-skilling. “I want to be able to go to uni. Possibly study psychology, but also make sure to have time for family.” Since joining the ParentsNext and VTEC programs, Kathleen was able to access mentoring that encouraged and lead her into the career she had always dreamt of. Our employment programs aim to provide access to courses and industry contacts that are key to a successful employment journey, like Kathleen’s.

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