Waalitj Boys

Delivered by strong First Nations role models, Waalitj Boys is a culturally appropriate mentoring program which aims to improve engagement and school attendance amongst First Nations boys aged 12-18 years.

Waalitj Boys works to build the capacity amongst participants, providing them with the tools to make positive life choices across health, education and employment.

Through a combination of mentoring support, sport activities and educational sessions, the program covers a range of themes including personal health and hygiene, physical fitness, positive self-image and self-esteem, cultural identity, solid connections, leadership skills, and developing career goals and pathways.

Mentors offer a safe and stable environment where boys are empowered to make positive choices for their health and futures. Waalitj Boys participants benefit from having trusted mentors present and available on the school grounds, helping to build routine, encourage better relationships with the wider community,and achieve their goals.

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