Our Services

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business owner with an innovative start-up idea or even an already operating established business, we provide a culturally safe-place to connect with expert advice, grow business capability and access new markets.

It starts with a yarn with one of our business coaches, who will asses what stage you’re at in the business life-cycle and identify the exact type of commercial advice you need. Your business coach will then provide a range of Hub services, utilising the highly experienced in-house team to help you achieve your strategic objectives.


With our in-house coaching team, we offer business assessment and targeted business support. Some of the specific support services we offer include: business incubation and start up, business growth and capital requirements support, tendering and contract execution, prequalification and project compliance, marketing and communications, joint venture, merger and acquisition advice, import, export and foreign investment advice, expertise with Land-based enterprises, human resources and industrial relations, governance, risk management and compliance, legal advice and services, back office systems and processes and bookkeeping or outsourced accounting.


We connect Waalitj Hub clients to our growing network of professional consultants. By linking business owners to these independent business-support services – all carefully vetted and ready to share their experience, skills and expertise with you – we can help achieve your commercial ambitions. Our network of business support services come from both mainstream and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-specific industry backgrounds. We also provide links to industry workshops and events, offer private sector referral, access to industry expertise, plus exposure to new markets and business ideas.


We offer access to desk space for short term use, plus training rooms and meeting rooms. Waalitj Hub clients who take advantage of our available office space will enjoy NBN connectivity for their emails and internet searches, plus photocopier usage. Laptops are also available for use.


The management team collaborates closely with many of the leading WA commerce and industry organisations, including the public and private sector. Our goal is to help the wider business community meet its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander procurement and engagement targets. To increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in the WA supply chain, the Waalitj Hub is always available to make direct contacts and introductions. Even more, we can coach our clients’ business capabilities to match skills with WA’s upcoming pipeline of work.

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