Student-led Tjiwa Café in Wiluna

At Wiluna Remote Community School in Western Australia’s Midwest, students are gaining a valuable insight into running a small business through a student-led café initiative.

Tjiwa Café run by the Year 6 and 7 students is open every Thursday morning offering a range of hot beverages, homemade sweet treats and toasted sandwiches. The café even stocks oat, soy and almond milk and accepts cash or card.

This impressive small business has been a successful engagement tool in Wiluna, encouraging students to attend school and learn practical business skills including proper hygiene practises and growing their financial literacy.

The Waalitj Foundation deliver the Federal Government’s Remote Schools Attendance Strategy (RSAS) program supported by NIAA at Wiluna Remote Community School and as part of this help with the coordination of the Tjiwa Café.

Waalitj Foundation RSAS Coordinator Stacey Petterson said that the café has created a team of entrepreneurs amongst the students, all working together to run their small business.

“Gaining a great education is so important for our students and through engaging them in practical courses like Tjiwa Café, we are creating a cohort of motivated learners.”

“The students are building business skills, teamwork and home economics and along the way they are having a great time and loving coming to school.” Said Ms Petterson.

The RSAS program works with teachers, school staff and families to support students in attending school. This community minded approach ensures that everyone works together to instil the importance of an education in students.

The Tjiwa café is a successful example of how the team at the Waalitj Foundation and Wiluna Remote Community School have come together to equip students with the skills to take on future career opportunities.

To find out more about the Remote School Attendance Strategy, click here. 

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