Inspiring growth from successful business

Marcus Tuia’s success story is a testament to the impact that supportive services like the Waalitj Hub can have on entrepreneurs. A Yamatji man with Wajarri-Nanda heritage, Marcus is the Director of Civworx Contracting, a company that provides high-quality earthworks services to the civil construction industry in Western Australia.

Marcus describes his experience with the Waalitj Hub as inspiring, supportive, and full of endless opportunities. With the help of the Hub, Marcus and his fiancé Abby have been able to expand their business and pursue their dreams.

With nationally accredited certification in work health and safety and over 15 years of experience operating heavy machinery in Agriculture and Civil Construction, Abby brings a unique perspective to the team. Her strong administration background also adds excellent support to Civworx’s business management. This allows Marcus to focus on the job at hand while working on major projects in the field. Their combined experience in the industry makes them a great team.

Their business coach, Raylene Bellottie, has been instrumental in guiding them towards their goals while allowing them the flexibility to work things out on their own.

“The Hub’s support has allowed us to learn and have things in place that provide us with stability and continuity for years to come,” said Marcus.

With the help of the Hub, Civworx Contracting has been able to secure contracts, and get their website up and running.

Marcus’s advice to anyone thinking about coming to the Hub is to show up and put in the hard work.

“Starting a business takes a lot of effort, but with the right support and guidance, the rewards can be satisfying and fulfilling,” said Marcus.

In the next five years, Marcus sees his business doubling in size and becoming self-sufficient with minimal outsourced assistance.

Marcus recently attended the Waalitj Hub Business Builder in Mandjoogoordap, proudly supported by the Alcoa Foundation.

“The Business Builder events have provided me with the opportunity to network with industry leaders and other First Nations businesses,” said Marcus.

Marcus’s Hub business coach Raylene Bellottie said it’s incredibly rewarding to see clients like Marcus and Abby make significant strides in their business development.

Raylene facilitated a valuable connection between Marcus and an experienced civil contracting business mentor, who has provided guidance, tools, and a clear vision plan. By learning from the mentor’s past successes and sharing insights, Marcus has gained the necessary knowledge and direction to ensure his business starts off on the right foot.

“By providing them with guidance and support, I’ve watched them turn their dreams into a reality,” said Raylene.

“It’s truly inspiring to witness their growth and progress, and I’m honoured to have been a part of their journey,” she said.

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