Community Development Road Show

Our Community Development Program team recently embarked on a Road Show, visiting Wiluna, Leonora, Laverton and Menzies to engage with our CDP Participants and gather valuable feedback about the program.

During these visits, our team engaged in meaningful conversations, listened to stories and collected feedback. This information is important as we strive to continuously improve our regional program delivery and ensure it meets the needs of the local communities.

At the heart of our CDP program is the belief that communities thrive when individuals actively contribute. Participants in our program don’t just attend; they play a vital role in developing their communities. Through a range of meaningful activities and tailored training initiatives, the CDP program empowers participants to build essential skills and overcome barriers unique to remote communities.

Remote communities have distinct needs, and our CDP program is specifically designed to meet them. It’s a tailored approach that recognizes and addresses the unique conditions of remote living. By engaging participants in a diverse range of activities, we provide a platform for skill-building and barrier-breaking, ensuring our program is not just relevant but transformative.

Supported by the National Indigenous Australians Agency we deliver the CDP program throughout Leonora, Laverton, Menzies, Wiluna, Mt. Margaret, and Mulga Queen. Find out more.

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