DFES Visits Waalitj Club Lathlain

Waalitj Club welcomed some special visitors from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to impart valuable lessons and insights, last week!

The visit provided an exciting opportunity for the kids to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter.

They not only showcased the essential equipment used in firefighting but also engaged the kids in interactive demonstrations.

From checking out the Fire Truck to having a turn spraying the hose, they had a firsthand look at the daily life of these courageous professionals.

Waalitj Club engages local youth through a range of activities promoting health, wellbeing, and physical activity.

By leveraging the strength of our First Nations role models, the program aims to inspire and empower the younger generation.

At the heart of Waalitj Club’s success lies a diverse array of activities carefully curated to captivate young minds. From promoting holistic health practices to encouraging physical activity, the program provides a nurturing environment where local youth can learn, grow, and thrive.

As part of the Town of Victoria Park’s Community Benefits Strategy, The Waalitj Foundation delivers Waalitj Club Lathlain, a weekly engagement program for local youth.

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